Dual Battery Systems

Keep Your Fridge Cold This Summer With a Dual Battery System

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a Drover Dual Battery System, run your 12 volt portable fridge, set up an auxiliary start battery, supply extra power for winching, use camp lights,  all while keeping your start battery full.

There is many things to consider when installing a dual battery system into a modern vehicle, cars are now full of complex computer driven systems, however at Drover we have the training and experience to plan out the perfect dual battery system to suit your purpose, all with keeping budget in mind.

Dual Battery System Configurations
  • Under Bonnet Systems, if your vehicle has the space this is a great option, wet cell batteries are the best choice, and battery linking for self jump starting can also be an option.
  • Chassis Mount Systems, some newer dual cab Utes have little extra space under the bonnet, and you may not want to have a battery in the tray area, so a chassis mounted battery is a handy option, battery size and access are a downside to this option, however it does free up cargo space.
  • Drawer Mounted Systems, most 4wd drawer systems can accommodate fitting a deep cycle battery in or around the drawers, sealed AGM batteries are a great choice in this application and are one of the best batteries for running fridges and led lights, Lithium batteries are are also an option.
  • Ute Tray/Tub Mounted Systems, again when there is no space under the bonnet and a chassis mount system doesn’t suit, we can mount a battery box (either custom or standard) in the rear tub or Ute tray, many different battery options can suit this option.
Dual Battery Isolators

At the heart of a dual battery system is some form of battery isolating device that connects and disconnects the auxiliary battery to  the start battery.

  • Isolator Solenoids – Voltage sensing relays (VSR’s) have been around for a long time and mostly suit older vehicles with traditional Alternator systems, however some new petrol engine vehicles can still use the VSR style solenoids, battery linking function is a handy feature on these solenoids so you can jump start your self off the second battery.

Redarc sbi12 Isolator Solenoid

  • DC to DC Chargers – Most late model vehicles now have a “Smart Alternator” fitted, these alternators either reduce the rate of charge or turn charging off all together if the system calculates that the start battery doesnt require the charge, this system really favors charging the start battery only, VSR’s wont work well in these systems, however DC to DC chargers such as the Redarc BCDC1225D will keep charging regardless of the Alternator, read more about DC to DC chargers HERE

Redarc DCDC BCDC Chargers

Battery Choice

We have access to many great brands of batteries for your dual battery system, which battery to go for depends on your application and vehicle type.

  • Wet Cell Lead Acid Batteries – suits under bonnet applications as they can withstand the high ambient temps found under your vehicles bonnet, and come in dedicated deep cycle, or calcium hybrid deep cycle/cranking batteries.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) – suits interior or confined space applications as they are sealed and do not vent gas, most AGM batteries are suitable for deep cycle only, however there is now specialized AGM batteries that can be used for cranking as well.
  • Gel Batteries – completely sealed, suitable for interior or confined space, no spill and no venting of gas, robust construction, absorbs and stores charge quicker than a standard we cell battery, suitable for deep cycle purpose only.
  • Lithium Batteries – completely sealed, super lightweight, a third of the weight of an AGM battery, rapid charging times,  stores power for very long periods of time without needing to be on charge, extra long battery life.

We have many great brands we deal with, Redarc, Baintech, Ctek, Projecta, Narva, Supercharge, Exide, Piranha and ARB just to name a few.

When you call us you talk to a real life experienced tradesman,  our motto is ‘do it once, do it right’